Championing Access to Vital Therapies:

The Impact of Florida's
Hemp Bill on
Small Businesses Like
Sandy Mangione’s

(Friday, March 22, 2024 - 
Wilton Manors, Florida - by DJ Gary of Playidy™ and SONIK VIBE™)

In a significant turn of events, the impending signing of Florida's new Hemp Bill, Measure (SB 1698), by Governor Ron DeSantis, threatens to disrupt the operations of small businesses like Sandy Mangione’s “Drag-On-The-Drive” in Wilton Manors, FL, which have been instrumental in providing legitimate and beneficial (over-the-counter) hemp, Delta 8, and THC products to medically needy individuals.

For years, establishments like Drag-On-The-Drive have served as lifelines for individuals seeking relief from various medical conditions through alternative treatments. With a commitment to transparency, quality, and customer care, these businesses have played a vital role in fostering a sense of community and support for those in need.

However, the passage of the Hemp Bill poses a significant challenge to the existence of these small enterprises. By outlawing the sale of hemp, Delta 8, and THC over-the-counter items, the legislation effectively forces businesses like Drag-On-The-Drive to shutter their doors, depriving countless individuals of access to therapies that have proven beneficial for their well-being.

The consequences of this legislation extend far beyond economic impact; they represent a profound loss for communities that rely on these businesses for essential products and services. For individuals grappling with chronic pain, anxiety, and other health concerns, the closure of establishments like Drag-On-The-Drive means losing a lifeline to relief and support.

Inadvertently, the new Hemp Bill measure will undoubtedly increase market share for street dealers of illegal street marijuana sales. Likewise, Florida residents, municipalities, police, fire, medial and the alike will loose out on sales and county tax revenues associated with current sales of the hemp (and related) products -soon to be taken from store shelves.

The Florida Department of Revenue has yet to ever collect or report state sales tax derived or reported by dealers from illegal street sales of marijuana or illicit narcotics.  Moreover, neither has the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) of the U.S. Department of Treasury collected income tax from illicit street sales of narcotics. 

Moreover, the implementation of such restrictive measures threatens to stifle innovation and progress within the hemp and THC industry. By limiting consumer access to these products, policymakers risk hindering research and development efforts that could unlock new therapeutic possibilities and improve quality of life for countless individuals.

In the face of this adversity, small business owners like Sandy Mangione must navigate uncertain terrain, grappling with the prospect of closure (potentially providing more income to the black market and illegal trade) and the loss of livelihood for themselves and their employees. Their resilience and determination in the face of adversity serve as a testament to the unwavering commitment to serving their communities, even in the most challenging of circumstances.

As advocates for accessibility, innovation, and consumer choice, it is imperative that we stand in solidarity with small businesses like Drag-On-The-Drive, whose unwavering dedication to providing vital therapies to medically needy individuals embodies the spirit of entrepreneurship and compassion.

As we await the finalization of Florida's Hemp Bill, let us raise our voices in support of small businesses like Drag-On-The-Drive and advocate for policies that prioritize consumer access, safety, and choice. Together, we can ensure that no individual is left behind and that everyone has access to the care and support they need to thrive.

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"Stock-Up Before It's Too Late?"

Located in Wilton Manors, FL (known as The Island City) "Drag-On-The-Drive" is a community-focused retail establishment offering a diverse selection of hemp, Delta 8, and THC over-the-counter items. Led by proprietor Sandy Mangione, Drag-On-The-Drive is committed to providing high-quality products and personalized service to meet the unique needs of its customers. 

How will Sandy (and related business owners) survive when Florida's Governor Ron DeSantis signes the HEMP Bill into law and it becomes effective? Some opponents to the new measure say, "Time to Stock-Up.  Head to the Nearest HEMP Store before it's Too Late!" 

For more information, visit "Drag-On-The-Drive" located at 2330 Wilton Drive, Wilton Manors, Florida.

Article Composed by DJ Gary of SONIK VIBE™ and Playidy™ with the assistance of AI Technology by OpenAIs GPT-4, similar to that used by GenieTok™ under current development by, Inc.)

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