Daily Dose™ at "TAP THAT ASH" on SONIK VIBE™ - 12-17-23
SONIK VIBE™December 17, 2023

Daily Dose™ at "TAP THAT ASH" on SONIK VIBE™ - 12-17-23

Discovering the Social Joys at Your Local Cigar Bar & Wine Lounge in Wilton Manors, Florida at “TAP THAT ASH”. Unwind, Connect, and Enjoy: The Island City’s hidden Gem.

Discovering the Social Joys at Your Local Cigar Bar & Wine Lounge in Wilton Manors, Florida at “TAP THAT ASH”.

Unwind, Connect, and Enjoy: The Island City’s hidden Gem.

(January 18, 2024, Wilton Manors, FL by DJ Gary of SONIK VIBE). In the heart of Wilton Manors, TAP THAT ASH, Your Cigar Bar & Wine Lounge, is The Island City’s hidden new Gem, just rolling out its own specialty blended and branded imported cigar, “The Wilton Manors Cigar”.  

Known as “The Wilton Manors Cigar Co.”, it is the freshest and newest cigar expedience in the Fort Lauderdale/Wilton Manors area. Gregg, formally owner of Midland Pharmacy in the adjacent City of Oakland Park, is usually onsite at TAP THAT ASH (from opening to close) as Manager of the specialty cigar brand, helping Johnathan overseeing worldwide distribution and sales.  Rumor has it "The Wilton Manors Cigar" may soon be available for purchase online for immediate delivery (local to TAP THAT ASH) by delivery services such as Gopuff Liquors & More with a retail store next to TAP THAT ASH and warehouse just down the block).

The inviting atmosphere draws you to experience the unparalleled benefits of forging connections with newfound friends. From fostering a welcoming ambiance to creating a diverse community hub, this local gem provides a unique setting for relaxation and camaraderie. A rare place where respectful smoking is welcomed.

Step into a haven of warmth and hospitality with your Hosts Johnathan, Diane and Perry.  TAP THAT ASH features Zackery Marshall (“Zack”), formally bartender at The Island City's largest dance-nightclub, entertainment, event space and ultra lounge known internationally as "THE MANOR"; and has stepped up his game to become the Bar Manager of TAP THAT ASH with his bartending Casino-Style Hosts Steven and Crueger - often finding Jonathan (your host) making a bet at the poker table - kicking it with friends and guests.

You can aways expect cheerful and warm welcomes from Perry, Khalil, Stephen and Zack tending bar for your drink, munchies and cigar experiences. Being greeted by any one of them may have one to ponder which GQ Magazine Cover they once appeared.

As you make your way through the Shoppes of Wilton Manors to your TAP THAT ASH experience, you might be drawn to the Genesis of The Island City at “Georgie's Alibi Monkey Bar" (from which many locals know that George Kessinger (“Georgie”) is its Founder and iconic-core reason (among others who followed his path) why many locals frequent and visitors travel to from around the globe. Here, one might discover The Island City’s 2-4-1 Happy Hour, a bite to eat, cabaret-style drag shows, dancers and nightlife dance entertainment being echoed throughout the dance floor by its talented DJs. 

One might get sidetracked, too, on their way to TAP THAT ASH and dip into Hunters Nightclub to elevate their spirits, shake to the beat on the dance floor, with iconic DJ ED TALKS (and others) spinning on the DJ platform where you'll find "Spirits Elevated".  Hunters Nightclubs has locations in Palm Springs and Wilton Manors.

Or, passing by the tasty TEE JAYS THAI SUSHI Restaurant, one might indulge their taste buds and enjoy a fulfilling Asian style dish.  Many have discovered their experience at TEE JAYS THAI SUSHI would be complimented and memorable by requesting Michael as their server. Indeed, he is worth the wait and reservations are highly recommended.  Or you can order TEE JAYS THAI SUSHI online for local delivery.

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As your Host of TAP THAT ASH, Johnathan would tell you in his charismatic style flare, “Don’t trust a person who doesn’t smoke” while quoting J.C. Penny (yes, the department store pioneer), “Never trust a man who has never gone bankrupt at least once.”

One might also connect to TAP THAT ASH with the soundtrack, "Smoke Filled Room" by Mako, as found on SONIK VIBE's Streaming Platform, Playidy™ (featuring a 100+million track and video library powered by Spotify and YouTube).

(to be continued…more to come with photos and videos)

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