Hip Pop RNB 2000s Playlist. Best R&B Pop Songs 2000-2009.

Hip Pop RNB 2000s Playlist. Best R&B Pop Songs 2000-2009.

Welcome to the best mix of R&B, Pop and hip hop songs playlist 2000-2009. This music playlist features the top charting tracks on Billboard Hot 100, UK Top 40 and all the biggest digital and radio charts of the 2000s era.

This HIP-POP 2008, the r&b ballads of 2007, the party pop hits 2006, all the love r and b 2005 (2000 r&b hits)

It will also include 2004 rnb hits, 2003 hip-hop, 2002 pop r and b and the fusion of music genre 2001 hip pop tracks (2000s r&b mix)

All are carefully selected Urban Music Hits from 2007-2008 RNB Mix. Top 100 R&B Songs 2000s. Guaranteed this is the Best of Pop, HipHop, R and B Songs 2000-2009. R N B song hits. 2005-2006 Hip Hop Compilation. 2001-2002 r n b tracks and 2003-2004 best r&b songs playlist.

We also look into creating a playlist inspired to RnBass (R&Bass), which is a new music genre, hailing as the evolution of R&B music. This is a hybrid genre of R&B, Hip-Hop, Pop and other elements merged into one (Digital R&B), the new cutting edge genre is infused with heavy 808's at times, melodic sounds, and real or tone singing. Plus onlyfuturistic +, which channel is focused on Urban & Hip-Hop, Pop Music, Soul & R&B