"Charlie Warner of The Eagle Wilton Manors and the Guardian Angels: Guardians of the Night, Protectors of the Unknown"

Wednesday, May 8, 2024 - Wilton Manors, Florida by DJ Gary of SONIK VIBE™ and Playidy™.  (Photo Credit: DJ Gary of SONIK VIBE)

In the heart of every bustling city (as in Wilton Manors, known as “The Island City”) lies a hidden army of unsung heroes, ready to sacrifice their safety to safeguard establishments (like the Eagle Wilton Manors), the streets and the vulnerable from the strangers who tread upon them. Among these valiant souls stands Charlie Warner, manager and mixologist at Eagle Wilton Manors, beacon of courage and compassion, who once walked the beat as a member of the legendary and heroic Guardian Angels.

The tale of Charlie Warner is one woven with threads of bravery, sadness and empowerment -woven through the fabric of his service with the Guardian Angels and his long-term battle with cancer. A former member of the Guardian Angels, and now with the Eagle Wilton Manors, Charlie's journey mirrors that of the organization's founder, Curtis Sliwa. These two guardians of the night (and others around the globe) as guardians of the vulnerable whose harrowing experience of street battles, trials and triumphs have prevailed throughout time protecting the vulnerable they never met, with potentially paying the ultimate sacrifice in doing so.

Charlie Lives By The Guardian Angels' Creed:
"We Dare to Care"

In June 19, 1992, the founder of the Guardian Angels, Curtis Sliwa was shot and kidnapped after entering [what he believed to be] a normal cab that was later determined stolen] in Manhattan. As reported on Wikipedia, Curtis was shoot in the groin area and underwent surgery for internal injuries and leg wounds.  He was an American activist, radio talk show host and founder of Guardian Angels.  

In 2010, Sliwa was diagnosed with prostate cancer and later passed at age 93.

Curtis Sliwa, Founder
Guardian Angels
(1954 - 2017)
Photo Credit: By By Mahmood Al-Yousif from Manama, Bahrain - Curtis Sliwa

Most Members of the Guardian Angels
Are African-American and Hispanic
Photo Credit: By Mrwikicontributorman

Violent crimes against vulnerable citizens (as in case with Sliwa) may have inspired him to create a force for good in the heart of the urban jungle - defending the defenseless.

Since 1979 when Curtis Sliwa founded the Guardian Angels, very few have paid the ultimate sacrifice while protecting the endangered.  This can be attributed to their highly trained combat skills, using no weapons, as they defend with their bare hands the defenseless without weapons.

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For Charlie and his fellow Angels, their creed is simple yet profound: "We Dare to Care." These words encapsulate the essence of their mission, a mission that transcends personal safety and dives headfirst into the murky waters of societal unrest and danger.

Equally empowering is the tough journey of Charlie’s battle with Cancer which tales a remarkable recovery -as he continues his life’s journey with a promising future.

A Look Inside
"The House of Labs"
at Eagle Wilton Manors

DJ NITRIX Spinning
at Eagle Wilton Manors

DJ Gary (Left) of Playidy Listening to DJ Joe Pacheco (Right)
of Joe Pacheco Music Spinning
at Eagle Wilton Manors

DJ Deanne - #1 Billboard Remixer
Spinning at Eagle Wilton Manors

Tony Mixing Your Spirits
at Eagle Wilton Manors

DJ Alex Ramos Spinning
at Eagle Wilton Manors

DJ Gary Interviews Fazed Feroze
of Fazed Feroze Creative
at Eagle Wilton Manors

Zach of Eagle Wilton Manors Security Team

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Charlie Warner Showcases "The Pickpocketers" and Bad Apples
He and Eagle Wilton Manors Security Team Have Captured and Banned

As with The Eagle Wilton Manors Security Team,  the Guardian Angels, stand as beacons of hope in the darkest of nights. They patrol and protect not as vigilantes seeking vengeance, but as guardians watching over those who may never know their names but will forever be indebted to their protection.

Charlie Warner, with his steely gaze and compassionate heart, embodies the spirit of these unsung heroes. He, and his former comrades of the Guardian Angels and now of the Eagle Wilton Manors, continue to heed the call to "protect someone they don’t know," marching forth into the unknown with unwavering determination.

Their actions speak volumes, louder than any words could convey. In a world where apathy often reigns supreme, Charlie Warner, The Eagle Wilton Manors Security Team and The Guardian Angels remind us of the power of altruism and the profound impact of selfless service.

Their legacy is not measured in medals or accolades but in the countless lives they have touched and the countless dangers they have thwarted. They are the silent sentinels of the night, the guardians of our collective conscience, and the living embodiment of the creed: "We Dare to Care."

As we navigate the complexities of an ever-changing world, let us not forget the indomitable spirit of individuals like Charlie Warner , The Eagle Wilton Manors Security Team (many former military, police and fire-rescue) the Guardian Angels. For in their courage lies the promise of a brighter tomorrow, where compassion triumphs over indifference, and humanity prevails against all odds.

Should one happen to visit the Eagle Wilton Manors one evening, do know there are guardians of the night watching silently to ensure your safety. 

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