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My Story

Following my third diagnosis of Cancer, Stage 4 of Non-Hodgkin Lymphoma (NHL), I can remember laying on the floor in my bedroom, hopeless, in what Chemotherapy was doing to me, thinking death was just around the corner.  This is not to say that Chemotherapy isn’t a viable option for the treatment of certain cancers for some people, it wasn’t for me.

During the darkest moments at that time, I heard an upbeat-music stream called, “Dance Wave“; the very music stream that motivated me to get up from my death bed, to begin living life again.  Using “music as the medicine” and replacement to Chemotherapy, I turned to music often as a way to motivate and cope with my illnesses. Thus, years later, SONIK VIBE was born, inspired by Elton John, going from Stage 4 Cancer to Stage 1.

Throughout many other challenges of overcoming addiction, a COVID-19 illness and being dead-broke, also being challenged as a high school dropout (eventually obtaining my GED and some college credits), I embarked to learn more about music.

With no formal music, media, disc jockey, production or editing training I began self-learning and attending Google Search University, building the internet brand now known as “SONIK VIBE”.

While The DJ Gary Show on SONIK VIBE may not (‘yet’) be an internationally recognized show, I draw my inspiration from the iconic Elton John, Howard Stern and Attorney Norm Kent (Radio Personality of The Norm Kent Show and Publisher of SFGN). Daily, I build an audience; one listener, one visitor at a time.

Inspired by Elton John

When I first launched SONIK VIBE (the internet brand of CyberONIXS, Inc.), I can remember getting excited when our website reports showed I had reached a total of ten (10) website visitors (with one active radio listener). I was so excited! It then dawned on me: the reason for the increase in web traffic was from ME only (having ten Google Chrome Tabs open at the same time).

I sadly learned the reality that I was the only visitor and listener of SONIK VIBE.  This, of course, was for many years.  A great deal of composing videos, social media posts, articles and the alike helped generate web traffic and brand awareness we have today.

Inspired by Howard Stern

(Photo Credit: Bill Norton, Wikimedia, Creative Commons)

Today, SONIK VIBE website platform and has generated up 100,000 visitors in a given month, averaging 30,000 – 50,000 monthly visitors from 125 countries, with well over one (1) million social media impressions.  Since reinventing my life in my 50s, CyberONIXS, Inc. (the engine behind SONIK VIBE) was formed.  I am privileged and proud to have become an authorized partner, developer and/or reseller of the some of the world’s largest technology companies.

Inspired by Norm Kent

(Photo Credit: The Norm Kent Facebook Page)

CyberONIXS, Inc., (formally SONIK DASH, INC.), the parent of SONIK VIBE, is officially designated as a third-party Apple, Google and Amazon Developer.  We are Authorized Partners of Microsoft Partner Network, IngramMicro Cloud USA, SiriusXM, Music for Business and so many others.

Inspired by Dr. Michael N. Pierce

(Photo Credit: – Taken in Times Square, New York, NY)

Finally, none of this would have been possible without the unselfish and generosity of Michael N. Pierce, M.D., F.A.C.P., whom recently was featured in The Wall Street Journal by Marquis Who’s Who in America, a recipient of Marquis Who’s Who in America Lifetime Achievement Award and Lifetime Humanitarian Award.  Indeed, it is because of him, and the multitude of First Responders and “Angels” is why I keep on ticking.  As a way of expression of “thanks”, we continue to foster the ideology of AMERICAN EPISODES – “The Human Touch of First Responders and Unsung Heroes” – an ongoing documentary series available at and

Simply said, I am like a Timex Watch, “I take a licking and keep on ticking”!

Stay Tuned to SONIK VIBE for the next chapter.

– DJ Gary


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